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SUNDAY- November 9th - 2014

It's Time - For the Second American Revolution

- The US Government as it exists today will never be rolled back. Government cannot be returned to the role envisioned in the Constitution or the hearts of those who founded the nation. There are far too many people who benefit from the current structure and benefits, far too much money and Power is at stake to allow a return to limited Government. To recapture Individual Liberty and Freedom and stop the oppression of Government and the State there must be a new American Revolution. Like the original American Revolution, the new Revolution must be a Revolution of Ideas based upon the concepts defined during the founding of this nation. Like the first American Revolution it will recognize the Individual as the source of all legitimate Power. It will recognize that the use of Force, Violence and Coercion for any purpose other than self defense is unlawful. Unlike the first Revolution, the second American Revolution will not use the force of arms to take down Government – however, be certain it will be taken down. This site is dedicated to that cause....

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Veterans Day - Will the Lessons Ever Be Learned

It is haunting to stand upon ground where so many young lives brutally ended. Where so much agony spread itself over so small an area of space and time. The spirit and the body become separated trying to comprehend what occurred here in 1916. Looking from the knoll, the long rows of crosses, each with a name and the words, “Mort pour la France,” slowly fade into fog and history. Fifteen thousand crosses. Fifteen thousand young men dead – but that is only a portion, a very small portion, of the horror that was Verdun. A greater portion of that horror, lies silently behind me, in the Ossuary du Douaumont.... More

Peace - Apparently not in My Lifetime or Anyone Else's

It’s true. No one who was alive after the beginning of World War II has ever lived in peace, the United States has been continuously embroiled in direct conflict, police actions, covert military operations, CIA sponsored revolutions and operations ever since 1941.......... More

Have You Become an Enemy of the State

What is it like to be continually under surveillance, to have every aspect of your life recorded, catalogued, and inspected? What if your whereabouts, your travels, and your most personal thoughts were being collected by the Government? Everyone you ever called everything you ever emailed, texted, twittered, put on your Facebook page or blog was scanned and observed by vast computer networks – every website you visited, every time you visited it – held forever in giant databases to be used against you at will...... More

Recent Government Violations of Liberty and Freedom

Who Raises Your Children: You are the State? - The Cinderella Law

- For the first time in history, the UK is planning to introduce into Parliment the so-called “Cinderella law”, which will jail parents failing to show love to children for up to 10 years in prison, putting it alongside physical or sexual abuse, local media reported.  More...

Right of Choice of Association

New Mexico’s highest court ruled Thursday that the owners of an Albuquerque wedding photography company violated state law when they turned away a lesbian couple who wanted to hire them to take pictures of their ceremony.   More...

Stopping the Never-Ending American War Machine

Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution... More...